Our inLASER CUTTING & ENGRAVINGdustrial COlaser cutter/engraver offers huge versatility for marking and cutting various materials. We are able to cut sheet acrylic up to 20mm thick, various type of thin wood, laser plywood, laser MDF, denim, paper, card, cotton, leather and laser laminates. The laser also offers us the ability to laser mark, etch or engrave various materials such as acrylic, glass, wood, plywood, MDF, denim, paper, card, cotton, leather, laser laminates, slate and dark granites or marble. With the use of a very special marking paste we are also able to laser etch most metals, the paste is applied to the surface of the metal and where the laser hits it melts the ceramic paste into the sub-surface of the metal leaving a permanent dark charcoal/black mark.

With the endless marking and cutting possibilities that the laser offers along with our other equipment we are able to produce fantastic signs, gifts and awards etc.

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